Brighter Future was initiated by a group of business-minded individuals who volunteered for a variety of non-profit organisations (NPO). They soon realised that one of the biggest gaps in the South African NPO Network is business skills. Many NPOs are started due to a passion for a specific cause without giving thought to the long-term sustainability of the organisation. In South Africa alone, there are over 200 000 NPOs that are all competing for the same resources and have similar dreams.

Brighter Future aims to educate, empower and support a network of NPOs to build the required business skills needed to create organisations that are sustainable in the long term. This includes providing educational support, information and materials to this network. In addition, Brighter Future will manage fundraising initiatives for specific projects in partnership with other selected NPOs. These projects will be selected based on Brighter Future’s primary objective to empower the most vulnerable.

Our Dream: To Create Brighter Futures in Africa

Our Mission: To create a sustainable NPO Network that actively shares learning, ideas and experiences in order to build a Brighter Future for all South Africans.

Sanctuary Project is an initiative of Brighter Future that is used to put the tools, ideas and key learnings from the NPO into practice before sharing with other organisations.

About Sanctuary Project

Sanctuary Project started 10 years ago, when its founding member, Bruce Wilson, rescued his first parrot. Since then it has grown in scale to include a number of different aspects of animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Our current initiatives include:

  • #CROWDepot: We are the official CROW Depot for the Upper Highway Area. During the breeding season up to 30 injured birds and wildlife per week are provided a temporary place of safety. These animals are then released back into the wild, or where long-term rehabilitation is required transferred to CROW Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation.
  • #2025by2025: We have initiated a community outreach program where we work with a network of animal rescue organisations to sterilise domestic pets in rural areas. Our goal is to sterilise 2025 animals by 2025.
  • #ParrotSanctuary: We also have five aviaries where we keep parrots that require rehoming due to a variety of reasons and where possible we rehome these birds.