Sanctuary Project, based in the upper Highway area of KwaZulu-Natal, focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals both domestic and wild. It was started about 10 years ago, and since inception has grown in scale, also operating as the largest CROW (Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) depot in the region.

Sanctuary Project was initiated by canine and parrot behaviourist and wildlife/animal rehabilitation specialist, Bruce Wilson. What started as a general interest in parrot behaviour quickly developed into Bruce’s first parrot rescue, and then snowballed into the animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming operation that is now relied upon by so many in the upper-highway area.

In addition to being the ‘go-to’ experts for parrot rehoming and rehabilitation, the initiative supports CROW on various wildlife rescues of raptors, duikers, mongooses, and more, as well as advises local veterinarians on queries or the rescue of the more ‘exotic’ creatures they encounter.

Over recent years, Sanctuary Project has expanded its services and expertise into canine rescue, working with organisations such as the SPCA and KZN Valley Dogs, providing expertise in canine primary health care, vaccinations and rescue. In 2017, the initiative launched the #50Fifty Project which successfully organised the sterilisation of more than 50 dogs and cats in an effort to control the rampant breeding of domestic animals through education and community support.

Currently, as Sanctuary Project’s Founder and Project Manager, Bruce is responsible for all operational activity, rescues and logistics. He is supported by the enthusiastic assistance of his daughter and budding animal-carer, Nikita Wilson, who looks sure to follow in her dad’s footsteps!

Sanctuary Project is an initiative of the non-profit organization, Brighter Future, and is responsible for the following endeavours:

#ParrotSanctuary: Sanctuary Project has five aviaries, housing parrots that require rehoming due to a variety of reasons.

#CROWDepot: Sanctuary Project is the official CROW Depot for the Upper Highway Area. During the breeding season, the weekly intake of injured birds and wildlife seeking temporary shelter can reach numbers as high as 30! These animals are then released back into the wild, or where long-term rehabilitation is required, transferred to CROW Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

#2025by2025: Following on from the success of the #50Fifty Project, the organisation has initiated a community outreach program to work with a network of animal rescue organisations to sterilise domestic pets in rural areas – the goal is to sterilise 2025 animals by 2025.